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Air Handling Units

SAMP is a constantly developing company, specialized in the design and construction of air handling units.

Our great experience gained throughout fifty years on the market and the choice of keeping the highest specialization, quality and customization imply a constant technical updating, with training courses and the cooperation with the main engineering companies.

Keeping research and development always in focus, SAMP steadily improves its products to make them more and more reliable, efficient and noiseless.

SAMP can offer to the market innovative solutions that make its products unique in terms of construction details, regarding both the choice of materials and the assembling methods, and of the variety of possible solutions, which we briefly describe here below:

  • Air handling units (AHU) complete with electric panel and control system
  • Package self-standing plug&play units with heat pump for cold/hot water production
  • Energy saving systems
  • Adsorption De-humidification systems
  • Sizing and choice of materials and components to reduce noise levels or the thermal transmittance in case of special applications and needs

Another strength of SAMP is the attention we dedicate to achieving the highest quality standards and the total flexibility to adapt to the needs of the specific job site and application.

18. Dezember 2018