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Air Handling Units for Humidity Control

Air Handling Units


Adsorption Dehumidifiers with low energy consumption to reach very low dew points in any operating conditions thanks to a rotor made of hygroscopic fiber with diameter ≥ 6 micron, and thus not inhalable by human beings. 

This guarantees the performance being totally safe to the final users.

All units are complete of power and control panel and system, for a result guaranteed in time.

SAD series: from 150 m³/h to 9000 m³/h.

DSI & DSI PLUS series: customized units with air flows up to 50.000 m³/h and more.

All units are available with Aluzinc or Stainless Steel panels and are thermally insulated.

All models can be implemented with accessories such as special filters, cooling coils, heating coils, specifically designed customized control logics etc. Regeneration heaters can be electric, gas or steam.

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