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Compact Swimming Pool & SPA Units



  • Compact air handling unit with side or top connection
  • Integrated high efficient counterflow recovery
  • T2/TB2/L1(M)/D1(M)/F9/C3 as standard
  • From 500 m³/h to 5000 m³/h
  • Low temperature hot water coil
  • Integrated heat-pump with inverter technology
  • High efficient EC Plug fans
  • Exceptionally light and robust casing in special aluminium composite
  • 55mm panel thickness and internal insulation made of heat-injected polyurethane foam with a density of 45-50 kg/m³ or oriented mineral-wool fibers with density of 100 kg/m³ resulting in ultra quiet housing
  • Removable doors for tight spaces to facilitate inspection and maintenance
  • Adjustable legs
  • Flexible duct connections
  • Motorised shut-Off dampers on Fresh air and Exhaust air connections
  • Modern Plug & Play controller
  • Control electrical cabinet with revision switch and touchscreen controller (FAD).
    • FAD is a 3 ½” TFT touchscreen controller with BACnet® MS/TP communication
    • Control cabinet can be mounted onto the AHU or away on the wall
    • 6 Universal Input (UI)
    • 12 Binary Input (BI)
    • 4 Configurable Output (CO), Analog Output, Voltage Mode, 0–10 VDC
    • 5 Relay Output (RO)
    • Real-time switchable communications protocols from BACnet® MS/TP, N2 or Modbus through the onboard local display or Mobile Access Portal gateway
    • BACnet Automatic Discovery support enables easy controller integration into any BACnet BAS system
    • Support for Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway or Stationary Mobile Access Portal for ease of configuration and remote service tool
    • Up to 100 devices One segment of BACnet MSTP
  • Available options:
    • Pool Water recovery with integrated Heat exchanger
    • Rectangular sound attenuators to be mounted on site
    • Roof protection for outdoor installation for side connection units
    • “FlatPack” execution for transport and installation in tight spaces
    • Doors mounted on Hinges and lockable door handles

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