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Perforated & Nozzle Diffusers

Perforated ceiling diffuser


Square perforated face diffuser, model 54-FR, dimension _x_ mm. Incorporates interior directional plates for supplying air in four directions. It incorporates plenum box made in galvanised steel sheet.

Finished painted in any RAL colour upon request. It´s possible to install it in false ceilings of 600 x 600. Recomended instalation height between 2,5 and 4 m.

Perforated ceiling diffuser incorporating nozzles


The DTP, multi-nozzles diffuser is designed to solve any diffusion problem, either conventional or specific, capable of being adapted to the multiple and different problems generated by a right air diffusion installation. We are facing a versatile product with a different aesthetic and interior design needs, with low noise and excellent performance in the air diffusion.

Composed of small nozzles individually adjustable in all directions. The fact of being adjustable, allows to adjut them on site, solving those little situations that sometimes occur, in which the excess or lack of air in certain areas can cause problems.

Meet the following requirements:
• High degree of air diffusion in any direction.
• Suitable for installations with constant and variable air-flow.
• Can be used for both cold and hot air (horizontal or vertical flow). • Low noise level.
• Flexible integration into any décor or interior design.
• Ability to modify and adjust work multiple orientations of the air stream, radial, linear, rotational, vertical.

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Installation Example

30. January 2019