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Extract Recovery Ventilation

In many existing residential or light commercial buildings such as hotels and offices, the ventilation is simply built as direct fresh air intake from outdoor air and extracting the room air through kitchens and bathroom. Such ventilation better known as Fan controlled extract air system simply extracts the room air which contains heat (a source of energy) and rejects it into the outdoor air. Such buildings and installations can benefit from an air handling unit with integrated heat-pump. As preheated air is ejected through the extract duct system, it will pass through a compact air handling unit which with assistance of heat-pump, it recovers the rejected air and add an extra +5 to 10°C. (typical extract air in buildings are 21-22°C, once treated through the Recovery Extract System, this is increased to 32°C and pumped back to sanitary water of the building or the building heating system.

This process recovers the energy already generated within the existing installation of the building and contributes back to reduce the primary energy/heating system.

Extract Recovery air handling units can be installed indoor or outdoor to simplify installation, have integrated controls to manage the system recovery based on outdoor air or return water temperature. It is added value when the integrated Heat-pump compressor works on partial load for night time recovery or an inverter so it can be adjusted to variable load.