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Residential Ventilation

UTEK founded in 1999, in Italy, by the will of an entrepreneur from Valtellina already operating in the aeraulic sector with CLA, a family business founded in 1975 and specializes in the construction of aerotecnich steel structures.


Started as crafts enterprise, today is set up as a European major manufacturer of mechanical ventilation units, takes about 50 employees and can count on modern equipped workshop of more than 5000 m², and 2000 m² of logistics.

The activity is the design, development and manufacture of machines for ventilation, air treatment and air conditioning.

Our specialization is definitely energy recovery, a scope of what we did on our core business, reaching levels of technical excellence. We propose to the European market as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), customizing our products to commercial companies that distribute them under their own brand.

Our customer portfolio counts some of the most prestigious and well-known brands in the continental market in ventilation, air treatment and air conditioning.

We guarantee the quality, reliability and competitiveness of our products but also an important pre- and post-sale service and technical training that enriches the knowledge and strengthens the commercial promotion and marketing of our clients, even those less experienced.

UTEK Product Range

Residential Ventilation
  • Air Handling Units
  • Accessories to residential ventilation
Compact Air Handling Units
  • Rotary recover wheel
  • Counter-flow recovery exchanger
Compact units with integrated reversible heat-pumps
Flat counter-flow recovery units
5. janvier 2019