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Linear Slot Diffusers

Slot diffusers with adjustable deflector


Fixed blade linear slot diffuser for variable and constant volume designed especially to maintain the ceiling effect (Coanda effect) even with primary air flows reduced to 20% of the nominal flow. Complete with adjustable directional blades, with closing thermal fuses which close the air output when the air temperature exceeds 70° C.

Extruded aluminium profiles, available in pre-lacquered in RAL-9016. Directional blades in black. Other finishes available upon request.

Slot diffusers with adjustable multi-deflectors


Linear supply diffuser for variable or constant flow rate, specially designed to maintain the ceiling or Coanda effect, including primary air flow rates reduced to 20% of the nominal flow rate.

This diffuser made with aluminium frames has a 15-mm air passage, providing greater aesthetic appeal.

Standard finished products are constructed of natural anodised aluminium or precoated with RAL-9016 gloss white. The directional blades can be adjusted by means of a drive wheel, which allows the air to be aimed in different directions up to 700 mm maximum and 100 mm minimum (optional model LK-70-MULTI).

Frameless Slot diffusers


Linear slot diffuser, 21 mm width slot with no external frames providing it a high aesthetic level. Its directional blades allows directing the airflow from 0° to 180°.
Incorporates connection plenum box made in steel sheet with regulation damper in the spigot.
Finished in anodised aluminium or painted in RAL colour upon request. The directional blades are in black.
Recomended instalation height between 2.5 and 4 m.

Note: Possible to form continuous lines (Maximum length per section 2000 mm).

Hidden large volume slot diffuser for high ceiling

DF-LIT-E 3.0

Invisible linear slot diffuser with good aesthetic, model DF-LIT-E-3.0, is characterised by the absence of visible profiles. With an adjustable blade that allows both vertical and horizontal discharge.Incorporates side plenum box with manual control damper accessible from room.

Finished in aluminium painted in matt black (RAL 9005).
Recommended installation height between 2.5 and 4 m.


Linear slot diffuser, model S-70-18 with 18 mm wide with adjustable vanes for horizontal or vertical discharge. Finished in anodised aluminium or painted in RAL colour upon request. Incorporates sliding volume control damper and side connection plenum box made in steel sheet. Frames made in extruded aluminium.

Recomended instalation height between 2,5 and 4 m.

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