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Jet Diffusers

SCFR- Rectangular Fire Damper

DF47 Narrow

High induction linear diffuser for medium-to-long throw, DF-47-Narrowmodel, with length L mm and slot H mm for air flow.
Allows ±30o vertical turn of core (linear nozzle), due to a narrow slot that makes it possible to cover medium and long throws, achieving comfortwith both cooling and heating and providing an excellent aesthetics. They are suitable for both ceiling and wall installation. Particularlyappropriate for variable air volume, although the design allows excellentoperation with constant air volume as well.

These medium-to-long throw diffusers are very appropriate in cases that require a long-distance air jet or a medium-distance air jet with lowsound levels.
They are especially indicated for commercial facilities, mezzanines,shops, residences, etc.

This diffuser is suitable for both supply and return. High-qualityaesthetics and performance are further enhanced by alternating thereturn diffusers with supply diffusers in the same continuous line.

SCFR- Rectangular Fire Damper


The long-range multinozzle diffusers of the DF49MT3 series comprise a rectangular faceplate in steel sheet where 3 to 10 nozzles can be incorporated per row in a maximum of 3 rows in a standard execution. The nozzles are manufactured in ABS, class V1 material, according to UL 94 standars.

There are several types of construction; on a plate without a frame or on a plate with a frame, which can be mounted on both the wall and the ceiling .

There is also a model which can be adapted to different duct diameters for a maximum of 2 rows of nozzles in a standard execution.

These diffusers can be finished in black (Ral 9005) or in white (Ral 9010).

The diffuser can be fixed by using either screws or a mounting frame. If you decide to fix it to the wall or a plaster ceiling with screws, it is also advisable to use a mounting frame so that the plaster is not damaged.

The multinozzle diffusers of the DF49MT3 series allow long ranges of air to be obtained with a low noise level. They are designed to air-condition shopping-malls, museums, theatres, cinemas, large halls, etc.

The shape of the nozzles allows them to be pointed separately, in all directions, up to a maximum of 300.

All the different models can have a removable plenum fitted.


The DF-49 combines long-throw efficiency with a more harmonious design. The stylised lines of the nozzles and the possibility of matching current decorative styles make these diffusers a reliable, great-looking component for facilities with more stringent requirements in terms of design and comfort.

Interior architecture are increasingly designing larger spaces for hotels, shopping malls, salons, convention centres, airport vestibules, passenger stations, social halls, etc.

In addition to effective air blowing at a long distance through nozzles (originally designed for industrial facilities), the use of these terminal units in more comfortable surroundings requires utmost attention to the aesthetic design.

The DF-49 long-throw nozzle and the decorative ring are manufactured in aluminium, with a standard paint finish in RAL 9010 white. The connection part is manufactured of galvanised steel sheet. The DF-49 nozzle has an extraordinarily good aesthetic design and can be painted by special order to fit any decorative need.

The DF-49 nozzles provide long throws with a low noise level, releasing a long air jet with exceptional precision to a length of over 30 metres. They can be used for spot cooling and are especially appropriate for large rooms requiring a decorative look, for instance, large vestibules, nightclubs or entertainment areas, department stores, hotels, etc. The configuration allows the nozzle to swivel in all directions up to a maximum of ±30° in the horizontal or vertical direction.


The DF-47 long-throw rectangular diffuser is manufactured entirely of anodised aluminium with a natural finish. The diffuser is composed of a drum allowing the unit to be swiveled, thereby permitting the inlet airflow to be vertically positioned at an angle of ±20o. The unit is also equipped with deflecting blades for distributing the air in horizontal fan-shape or concentrating the inlet airflow in the desired direction.

These long-throw, high-flow diffusers are particularly useful when the air jet should reach some distance or should be fanned out. They are specially recommended for sport centres, industrial warehouses, clean rooms, recording studios, discotheques, large premises, etc.

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