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Linear Bar Grilles

Linear Bar Grilles

Series 30

Linear grille for supplying or returning air, model 31-1, with horizontal fixed blades at 0º and model 31-15, with horizontal fixed blades at 15º, of dimensions LxH. Finished in anodised aluminiuim or any RAL colour upon request.

Optional accessory: Opposed blade damper type (-O).

linear bars in 0º or 15º deflection

Frame width: 8.7, 11, 20 and 24mm.

Hidden frame width: 6.6mm for apparent frameless linear installation.

Available dimension: 200 x 50 to 1000 x 400, or linear application per meter in sections of 2000mm.

Installation on the wall with spring clips as standard

Also available with screw mounting through the front face or hidden installation assembly for installation on ceiling.

Linear bar grille for floor or window sill installation.

  • For supply or return air application.
  • Model 31-1, with horizontal fixed blades at 0º
  • Model 31-15, with horizontal fixed blades at 15º,
  • Standard Finish, anodised Satin, or painted according to RAL upon request.
  • With or without frame for drop in installation in raised double flooring or computer rooms with overpressure floor supply air.
  • Available dimensions: 200×50 to 1000x400mm.
    • Other dimensions available upon request
  • Optional accessory;
    • Opposed blade volume control damper code -O.
    • Double deflection blades

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30. January 2019